When I was in my sophomore year of college at The Art Institute of Washington, DC,  I went through a depression stage. I thought that I was not beautiful, and worse of all, I did not love myself first. One day, I went in the bathroom and saw that my roommate wrote on my mirror an encouraging note, and at the end she said "P. S. I  Love Me" as an ending. In the years after I took that and always remembered that if you do not love yourself first, no one else will. That is why in 2016 I finally decided to launch P. S. I Love Me. This brand was created for people of all shapes and sizes. My goal with this clothing line was to express my love for fashion, but also allow everyone to afford my clothing. Our unique style is handcrafted for the consumer to love themselves first! Come with me on my journey and also remember to love yourself, and shop with a passion!


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